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About EriCa Ham aka theohiogirl

Don't overthink anything you do."

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  Born in Dayton, Ohio. EriCa Ham aka theohiogirl came to New York City to go to art school. After getting her fine arts degree she worked as a photographers assistant and then became Creative Director for an independent record label.

  Freelancing for many clothing lines and magazines in between, EriCa grew tired of building other clients' brands and not receiving recognition, so she soon decided to start and build her own brand. She started a t-shirt line called Halfbrooklyn.

  Her love of street art led her to making t-shirts for some of her favorite street artists which then inspired her to create art and clothing for the streets. She designed a little blue bear with the spirit of the burrough she loved, Crooklyn. You can find her little blue bear wheat pasted all over Nyc.


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